The Corporate Imposter
The Corporate Imposter

How does it work?

Graham adopts the persona of a visiting VIP who is usually the bearer of confusingly bad news. After being reverentially introduced by the Senior Executive, Graham takes over the persona to make a pompous series of announcements, all of which are based on careful research of the host organisation and its culture.

“Graham did exactly this for a major conference we organised for Capita Architecture. It was superb. Everyone was still talking about months later. Had the whole audience believing some outrageous future initiatives. I can highly recommend him. Just have an ambulance ready for the weaker audience members!”

Robert Firth, Business Coach and Mentor at ActionCOACH

“You had everyone believing that you were the world’s expert on Total Quality Management right up to the moment that you delivered the telling punch lines. This ‘Sting’ was superb.”

Bowen Thomas, Marketing Manager, Mars Confectionery

As the speech goes on, the announcements cause more and more discomfort, until incredulity dissolves into laughter as the audience realises that they have been well and truly had:

“It was the best scam I have ever taken part in. You were obnoxious and you were brilliant. The look on the faces of the people there will be a memory that will stay with me for a long time.”

Jon Sims, Managing Director, GWS Shop Equipment

After the hoax has been revealed, Graham’s speech continues with humour that is precisely tailored and a relief from the tension of the previous few minutes:

“Graham took the part of Head of Logistics and Marketing for a presentation to our assembled staff. He played the role superbly. For ten excruciating minutes, the audience sat through outrageous yet plausible initiatives he was implementing into the business. As the horror mounted, it finally dawned on them that it had all been an elaborate hoax and manic laughter ensued! The laughter continued unabated through the remainder of his speech as he cleverly targeted various senior individuals present. Graham was the main talking point of the day and I would highly recommend him.”

Robert Firth, Head of Architecture, Capita

Graham’s bogus identities have included:

Management Consultant
Marketing Guru
Compliance Officer
Main Board Director
Deputy Governor of the Bank of England
Professor of Total Quality Management
The Permanent Secretary to the European Parliament
The Head of Investigations for Oftel
The Wax Director of Madam Tussauds
The lead guitarist of Pink Floyd
Extremely Angry Customer who wants to take his business elsewhere

A hoax can work equally well as a daytime keynote or after dinner speech. By the time Graham has finished, there is hardly a dry seat in the house.